Bruce Willis Wears Blood-Splattered Cheap Swiss TAG Heuer Fake Watches UK In ‘Die Hard’

The holidays are near, and it’s time to cover one of the most requested – by you, the readers – UK luxury replica watches-related movies out there. Die Hard (1988) is basically the adult version of Home Alone, with a ton of explosions, a ton of action, and a ton of Alan Rickman (RIP). It’s the film that started the debate, “What makes a Christmas movie?” Is this a Christmas film? I’ll leave that up to interpretation. What it definitely is is a movie that takes place at a Christmas party, with a slyly Christmasy score, and a pretty wild firearm-related reference to Santa Claus. Oh, and lest we forget, it features 1:1 AAA fake watches tailor-made for its machine gun-slinging, late-’80s action star.

Why We’re Watching

This will be the last entry in the Watching Movies column for 2021, and as such, it is the last chance to cover a movie before the holidays. We’ll be back in full force in the new year – and we have some surprises up our sleeve for 2022.

But let’s not lose focus on the film (and high quality replica watches) at hand. Die Hard follows the exploits of John McClane, a New York City cop who flies to Los Angeles to see his estranged wife who, herself, has moved with their children to the City of Angels to pursue a career opportunity as a corporate executive. McClane takes a limousine from the airport to the tall and imposing Nakatomi Plaza in Century City where his wife’s company is having its holiday party. Shortly after his arrival, the soirée is overtaken by a group of German terrorists who have a bone to pick with the company. A hostage situation unfolds, employees are killed, and the only one in the building able to save the day is a cop from 3,000 miles away. And boy does he do just that, taking terrorist leader Hans Gruber (Rickman) and company down one by one. All the while he has a very specific, era-appropriate, Swiss made TAG Heuer fake watches on his wrist.

That would be the Swiss movements replica TAG Heuer Professional 3000 Quartz watches. This is a hybrid chronograph with a dive-time bezel. The dial is gray with applied markers, and the bezel is done in steel with the numerals inlaid into the bezel itself. An interesting design choice of that bezel is the fact that it has twelve sides, making it dodecagonal (say that five times fast). The best online copy watches features three subsidiary dials, a magnified date window, and the text organized on the right hand side of the dial. Of course, it’s powered by a quartz movement (as the name suggests) which tracks with the kind of perfect replica watches the brand was producing in the post-Heuer days. It had a relatively short production run, from 1984 to 1990. TAG was arguably at the height of its powers during the tail end of the ’80s, cornering the tool fake watches wholesale shop market with prices more affordable than Rolex.

It stands to reason that a blue-collar, hard-nosed type like McClane – the kind of guy who lights a cigarette inside an airport while cradling a stuffed animal – would choose this utilitarian, “set it and forget it” timepiece as his crime-fighting partner. The man has enough going on in his life, from New York City criminals to his marriage (and terrorism), to have to worry about winding replica watches store site. Curiously, we find him wearing his TAG on the underside of his wrist, which makes spotting the piece more than a little difficult. For most of the film, we can only see the buckle of the leather strap as he navigates his way around the corporate skyscraper, handling the bad guys and communicating with the authorities. But in a couple choice scenes, we get some great looks at the quartz chrono.

It’s worth noting that McClane’s perfect Swiss replica TAG Heuer isn’t the only watch in the film. Terrorist leader Gruber wears what appears to be yellow gold top fake Cartier Tank watches on a black leather strap. You can spot this super clone watches for men in several scenes. Unlike McClane’s lawman look, the Tank goes very well with Gruber’s manicured style.

When We’re Watching

Shortly after a one-on-one firefight with one of the terrorists, McClane runs to the window of the building to find that the police officer sent to check on the premises, following McClane’s distress call, is leaving. Unable to accept this outcome, McClane looks down to the street below trying to figure out how to get the officer to see there is trouble inside. In this moment, with his hand pressed against the broken and shot-up glass [00:56:49], we get a solid glimpse at the underside of his wrist, which means a good view of the best quality TAG Heuer fake watches. The moment doesn’t last long as the idea finally comes to him. A few seconds later, he hurls the body of a slain terrorist out the window, and it crashes on the hood of the police car below.

Late in the film, as McClane is left to face off against Gruber on his own, we find him psyching himself out to perform his most daring stunt yet. Trapped on the roof of the building, he must tie himself to a fireman’s hose in order to leap from the ledge and – you know – not die … which is hard. With a crowd of law enforcement looking on from below, he makes the leap. Just as he does so, Gruber detonates an explosive. Luckily, McClane avoids being blown to bits, and finds himself dangling from the side of the building, high above the street. He shoots through the glass, returns inside and sets out to find Gruber and settle things, once and for all. In perhaps the best “watch shot” in the film, we see him preparing to load his gun. The camera cuts to his bloodied hands holding two bullets [01:56:07], as well as the dodecagonal shape of his replica TAG Heuer watches for men – itself blood-splattered – on his wrist.

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