The heroes and bargains of Sotheby’s Important replica Watches UK

Following on from Sotheby’s Important Watches: Part I auction, it’s always interesting to go through and assess the accuracy of the lot estimates. Most of the time they cast a pretty wide net, so it’s hard to miss, but bidders seeing that top number will always give them something to reach for. Let’s dive in and take a look at three of the most expensive and three of the cheapest replica watches for sale uk that sold at the auction.

Fake Heuer Super Autavia A Dash-Mounted Timer c.1970 – US$2,520
Starting with the least expensive of the bunch, we have a piece of automotive as well as horological history. Presented without any catalogue note and sparse detail, our imaginations can easily fill in the gaps about how this dash-mounted chronograph may have been used. We’ve seen a lot of brands take inspiration from Swiss made copy watches such as these, but in terms of a racing high quality fake Heuer you can’t get more authentic than this. Whether you would keep it as a curio or mount it to a desk with the help of the countersunk screw holes in the square caseback, US$2,520 is a pretty good deal.]
Replica Rolex ‘Thunderbird’ Datejust c.1961 – US$5,292

If you want to get into Swiss movement replica Rolex at the more affordable end of the spectrum, digging into their vintage catalogue from the ‘60s and ‘70s is an especially good way to do it. There are a lot of cool Datejusts and Oyster Perpetuals from that time period for good prices, and you can often find fairly unique references too. That said, I’m still surprised at the final price of this uk top super clone Rolex Datejust ref. 1625. Complete with a co-signed dial from Serpico Y Laino, a renowned store in Venezuela, this 36mm “Thunderbird” features a gold bezel and gorgeous dauphine hands in a display of vintage two-tone mastery.

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