UK High Quality Replica IWC Portugieser Eternal Calendar

We have already spoken volumes about the perfect replica IWC Portugieser Eternal Calendar. There is much we love about this watch. Starting off with the cheap fake IWC Portugieser base which to our eyes has perfect proportions and aesthetics. On top of that, we build a secular calendar, which is more complicated than a “standard” perpetual calendar. And still on top of that, the moon phase display which only requires a one day adjustment every 45 million years. We are not even sure if there will be homo sapiens then, as our species will definitely have evolved elsewhere.

And there is more! The use of glass, frosted and lacquered white on the underside, as the material of choice for the main dial is refreshing. And the separate glass sub-dials to serve as the displays of the secular calendar seem to float effortlessly over the main dial is very pleasing indeed. Flip the best 1:1 replica IWC UK over, and the impression continues to build while gazing at the movement. Though not by a stretch haute horlogerie in the finishing department, it is a tour de force of innovation to achieve this complication. But don’t get us wrong, the aaa quality fake IWC is still soberly finished to a high engineering level. We particularly liked the visuals provided by the huge centrally mounted rotor supplying the motive power to keep the movement fully wound.

And at a intended retail price of CHF 150k, we think this is a rather reasonable ransom for a Swiss movement copy IWC with such impressive credentials of combining the secular calendar with record breaking moon phase display packaged into a 44mm case which looks aesthetically very pleasing.

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